Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is one of the four countries encompassed by the United Kingdom. It consists of six of the nine traditional counties of the former Ulster province. Northern Ireland’s economy is greatly propelled by what they call as sustainable tourism. The residents say Island is a place where one can relax, rejuvenate and refresh. As it is home to many famous people, traditional music, unique food and gardens, great castles, monuments and monasteries, it is without a doubt that Northern Ireland offers great tours for solo tourists, couples, and especially for groups of people.

Northern Ireland’s famous attractions include the Mourne Mountains and the Walled City of Derry. The Mourne Mountains is a very scenic area and this was one of the attraction from which the famous C.S. Lewis drew inspiration from for his Chronicles of Narnia. The mountains, and the surrounding area offers great outdoor activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding, horse riding, fishing and golf. The Walled City of Derry on the other hand, is one of the few retained walled cities in Europe. It was built by the honourable Irish Society as defences. Today the Walled City experience is very much sought after, with great mural tours and great sights to see.

The Femanagh Lake lands, and the Giant’s Causeway and Coastal Route are also other major attractions in Northern Ireland. As part of its Christian heritage, Northern Ireland boasts of its Saint Patrick connections with attractions like The Saul Church, the Saint Patrick Center, Saint Patrick’s Tian, and Saint Patrick’s Trail. All of which demonstrating a rich legacy.

There are many other things to enjoy in Northern Ireland such as the shopping, entertainment, night life and nature activities.

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