French Polynesia

There’s a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean halfway between California and Australia called the French Polynesia. The white sandy beaches surrounded by blue ocean water make this an excellent place to enjoy a memorable vacation. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re with a romantic partner and looking for seclusion or have a family and looking for adventure; it can all be found in the French Polynesia.

The beautiful climate and outdoor topography provides many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed when visiting the islands. These activities include sightseeing and hiking to beautiful waterfalls and other geographical wonders, scuba diving and snorkeling, and fishing and water sports of various kinds. Specific tours designed to bring you up close to nature without harming yourself are available throughout the islands. These can be whale watching tours bringing you up close to the local humpbacks to swimming throughout the various lagoons where you will see a rich variety of fish like Manta Rays, Moray eels, and beautiful coral formations.

So for a fun filled exotic vacation amidst tropical islands, the French Polynesia has all that you can desire.

French Polynesia Famous Landmarks