New Zealand

Composed of two main islands and many smaller ones in the South Pacific Ocean is a country called New Zealand. Often called “The Paradise of the Pacific,” New Zealand contains an assortment of some the most beautiful topography in the world. A multitude of geographical wonders span the landscape, such as soaring mountain peaks, lakes, fiords, rivers, and active volcanic features.

For those who are into exploring nature and outdoor sports, there is plenty to do in New Zealand. Bungycord jumping is extremely popular and anything high is considered as a possible jumping point. Bicycle touring is becoming ever more popular and gives people an up close view of all of the natural scenery. With all of the lakes and rivers, fishing is done everywhere. Then there is skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.

Another feature of New Zealand, because of its diverse landscapes, is that there have been many films produced here. One of the most popular ones was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. If you are a fan of this movie, there are personalized tours you can take that will bring you up close to the actual film locations, creating great photo opportunities. The exposure New Zealand received from these movies helped people recognize how fascinating New Zealand is as a tourist destination.

New Zealand is beautiful throughout most of the year and the best time to visit would be the time that suits you best. If you like the summer months and warm weather then
September – April would be the time to come. If you want to ski, the winter takes place from June – August and that would be the time to visit.

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