Some of the best natural and manmade sightseeing in Asia belongs to the country of Cambodia. Bordered by Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia is generally mountain ranges and forests, perfect for the more adventurous traveler.

Angkor Archaeological Park and Bokor National Park fills most of northern Cambodia. Angkor Park is an extremely important archaeological park in Asia. The most visited locations in Angkor Archaeological Park is the Temple of Angkor and the Bayon Temple. Ruins of once beautiful temples can be found all over the country.

Cambodian cuisine is heavily influenced by Vietnamese and Indian cultures. Though the food is not heavily varied, it is cheap and generally very tasty. A key item in a Cambodian meal is a soup or savory meats served with rice, or sometimes noodles. Tap water is generally frowned upon by tourists, but bottled water is drinkable and relatively cheap. Vietnamese coffee is very common and can be found most anywhere. Coconuts are a staple food and drink as well.

A day in Cambodia would be considered very cheap in western society. A comfortable stay in Cambodia would typically run about forty U.S. dollars per day, while a luxurious stay would cost about three times more. Cambodia may be a peaceful and friendly country, but be aware that the government and courts are corrupt. As with most countries, stay out of trouble, and one could enjoy a relaxing trip to Cambodia.

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