Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country located in South Asia, about 20 miles off the southern coast of India. It is a world famous tourist destination due to its beautiful forests, beaches and landscapes, in addition to its rich cultural heritage. The country is well known for the many natural resources it produces; such as coffee, tea, rubber, coconuts, and cinnamon.

Most of the cuisine of Sri Lanka contains boiled or steamed rice served with curry. Much of the food is influenced by Southern India which means it contains many spices. Many Sri Lankan dishes are considered to be among the world’s hottest based on the amount of chili used. Coconut milk serves as the base of many Sri Lankan dishes and gives the cuisine its unique flavor. Like many people living in coastal regions, the Sri Lankans are also very good in preparing sea food. Coffee and tea are among the popular beverages consumed in Sri Lanka.

The climate of Sri Lanka is very tropical. The mountains and the southwestern part of the country are known as the “wet zone” and receive an average of 98 in of rain a year. Much of the east, southeast, and northern parts of the country make up the “dry zone”, and receive between 47 to 75 in of rain a year. The rainy season usually takes place between October to January with the rest of the year being mostly dry. The tropical climate allows many varieties of flowering acacias and valuable species of trees, such as ironwood, satinwood, ebony, and mahogany to flourish. In the wet zone is a tropical evergreen forest, with tall trees and a dense undergrowth of vines and creepers. Subtropical evergreen forests thrive in the higher altitudes. Many of these areas have been turned into National Parks to help protect the species of deer, elephant, and peacocks, in addition to the many water birds, such as pelicans, storks, ibis, and spoonbills that live there. You can explore many of these parks by four wheel drive vehicles which allow you to see these natural wonders up close. It is also recommended to get a guide to show you around.

For a combination of beautiful beach and forest scenery in a tropical climate filled with fascinating cultural and natural treasures, come see Sri Lanka.

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