CaixaForum’s central spiral staircase
Photo by: Gryffindor Creative Commons

CaixaForum is a contemporary art museum that is located in Barcelona, Spain. It opened in February of 2002, and has very important collections of modern art. There are over 800 exhibits by artists such as Anish Kapoor, Beuys, Juan Uslé, and Tony Cragg. It is also considered to be an important social and cultural center for the city.

The Museum

The art museum covers more than three acres, and has an auditorium, several classrooms, and a media library. The CaixaForum has a number of events that have broad appeal to visitors. There are many exhibits of ancient and contemporary art, which makes it one of Barcelona’s most popular venues. Visitors can attend film screenings, concerts, as well as debates and lectures on literature or contemporary thought. There are also many performing arts and multimedia art events that families can enjoy.

Additionally, the CaixaForum has a guided tour series that is entitled Modernisme-Modernity. Visitors who take the tours will see many hidden and interesting details of this former textile facility. The exhibition also offers information about the building’s history and its modern architecture design. The CaixaForum also has a book store, café and a restaurant.

The Building

Originally built in 1911, the building was used as a textile manufacturing facility under the name Casaramona Factory. It was designed in the Catalan Art Nouveau style by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, a renowned Catalan architect. Seven years later it closed, but in 1929 it reopened again, this time as a warehouse for the Barcelona World’s Fair. In 1940, Spain’s National Police Force used the building until it was bought by la Caixa in 1963. Architects, Robert Brufau, Francisco Javier Asarta, and Roberto Luna all contributed to the restoration. The building’s entrance was designed by Arata Isozaki, a Japanese architect. Over one hundred thousand bricks were produced to complement the original ones.

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