Jardí Botànic de Barcelona

The Jardí Botànic de Barcelona, or the Barcelona Botanical Garden, is located in Barcelona, Spain. The Botanical Gardens were created at Montjuïc Park in the 1990’s. The 35 acre garden area is separated into various zones that have a variety of plants from different Mediterranean areas.

The Barcelona Botanical Garden is situated at the rear of the Olympic Stadium, on gently sloping terrain, that was formerly a landfill. As a result of its elevated location, which is about four hundred feet high, visitors can see wonderful views of the Olympic Site, as well as large areas of Barcelona.

Jardí Botànic Històric

This area has another small botanical garden called the Jardí Botànic Històric. This garden was created in 1930, directly behind the Palau Nacional. Some damages occurred to the Jardí Botànic Històric in 1992, due to construction for the Olympics. Because of the damage, the garden had to temporarily close and while it was closed, a proposal was made for creating a larger botanical garden. This new garden, Jardí Botànic de Barcelona is also referred to as the Nou Jardí Botànic, and after eight years of construction, it finally opened to the public in 1999.


There are large, paved pathways that make navigating the garden area very easy. There are about two thousand different plant species that are divided into geographical areas that are called Homoclimatic zones. Different areas were made for Australia, California, Chili, the Mediterranean Basin, North Africa, and South Africa. Even though all of these areas have a very similar climate, they do not have the same flora.

Examples of the most interesting exotic plants are the Californian Yuccas, Canary Islands Dragon trees, white Wandoo trees and olive trees. Visitors can also see the Australian Xanthorrhoea which is a grass tree that has narrow leaves. Additionally, there is a unique area that is just devoted to various flora from the Canary Islands.

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