Museo d’Historia de Catalunya

The Museo d’Historia de Catalunya is located at the Port Vell area of Barcelona, Spain. It is also known as the Museum of History of Catalonia. The museum has an assortment of artifacts, dioramas, documents, animated models, and videos that explore over three thousand years of interesting Catalan history. The permanent displays cover the Stone Age through to the early part of 1980’s.

On the museum’s rooftop is a terrace that has a restaurant. This area offers visitors a wonderful view of the Barcelona Aquàrium and the Imax. The brick building is the oldest port structure that is still standing. The building was designed by Maurici Garrán in 1881.

In 1992, the building was remodeled for the Olympic Games. Upon completion, the Museo d’Historia de Catalunya was relocated there. The refurbishment added a new floor so visitors could access the rooftop area. There are also many restaurants near the museum that serve classic seafood dishes.

Permanent Exhibitions

The permanent exhibitions show hunters and gatherers, the Iberians, the Roman era, the Middle Ages and much more. Additionally, there are various exhibitions that are temporary that take a look at regional politics. Visitors can enjoy many activities, including irrigating lettuce with a water wheel, lifting a knight’s armor, or walking over a large three dimensional map of Catalonia.

The first part displays information about the roots of the Catalonia civilization. Next, there is a display that shows how the Catalonia nation got started in 711 AD. There is an exhibit that explains the importance of the Mediterranean Sea and its historical significance. After that, a display shows how Catalonia was part of the Hapsburg Empire. Other displays discuss the Industrial Revolution and the dictatorship of General Franco.

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