Fundació Joan Miró

The Fundació Joan Miró, or the Joan Miró Foundation, is a modern art museum that honors the sculptor and artist, Joan Miró. It is located on Montjuïc Hill in Barcelona, Spain. The museum has a terrace that offers visitors a beautiful view of the city.

History of Fundació Joan Miró

The foundation was developed by Joan Miró in 1968. He formed it with his associate, Joan Prats. Miró planned to develop the foundation so it would inspire young artists to try various types of contemporary art. Later, they developed the Miró Museum. The structure was designed by Miró’s friend and architect Josep Lluís Sert. Construction started in June of 1975.

Fundació Joan Miró was developed to adhere to Rationalist architecture principles. It has distinct areas that were established around a main patio location using the traditional style of Mediterranean architecture. The building has skylights that are very much a part of Sert’s style.

The building has been opened to the public for more than thirty years. It also shows the work of many other artists. Fundació Joan Miró remains a wonderful representational style of contemporary architecture. In 1988 the area was enlarged because more space was needed for a new library and art exhibition auditorium. A pupil of Sert, Jaume Freixa, designed the building extension.

Art Collection

Several works of art that are on display were donated by Joan Miró. There are over fourteen thousand different exhibits that visitors can see. The Fundació Joan Miró has an area called the Espai 13, and it promotes work done by young contemporary artists. Visitors can also see artwork done by Rene Magritte, Chillida, Peter Greenaway, Saura, Rothko, and Tapies.

Additionally, the art collection features the Mercury Fountain which uses liquid metal mercury. The fountain is sealed behind glass to safeguard visitors because mercury is very poisonous. The 4 Wings statue is located in the garden area and was done by Alexander Calder.

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