Plaça de Catalunya

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Plaça de Catalunya, perhaps the most well-known plaza in Spain, is a square in the central part of Barcelona. It is considered to be Barcelona’s city center and remarkably, the place where modernity and antiquity meet in this bustling city. The place is incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike. It is considered one of the most important parts of the city and you can find it full of activity at all times. The square is huge at 32,291 square feet. It is also the third biggest plaza in Spain after the Madrid and Barcelona ones.

Plaça de Catalunya was designed in 1859 by Ildefons Cerda, specifically to be the most important square in the city. The plaza’s positioning, which is completely centralized, was a carefully planned move in both importance and symbolism.

The square is where the old and the new meet, with wildly different neighborhoods surrounding it. There are gothic monasteries and 19th century architecture.

Getting There

There are a lot of subways and trains going directly to Plaza and there are ways to get to the airport directly from the square. The plaza’s location also means that it is the perfect place to start any short trip around the city. You can find many beautiful places around here and you can even stay at one of the luxurious hotels surrounding the square. You may also want to go on a shopping trip around the area.

The surrounding areas are outfitted with several outlet shops of both high street brands and luxurious boutiques. These stores are incredibly popular for shoppers because they are huge and you can find a large variety of things ranging from produce to electronics.

In the Square

The square is surrounded by several important buildings and neighborhoods, but its importance is not limited to what it is surrounded by. There are several sculptures and works of art inside of it. Many are reminiscent and celebratory of Catalans that have achieved fame and notoriety throughout history.

There are several official monuments that have inscriptions on them. There are also many benches available so that all visitors are able to sit and enjoy a few moments looking at the beautiful square and the pigeons. In fact, many people come here to feed the birds.

In short, the square has many attractions for everyone. It is the perfect starting point for traveling around this city and it is also a great place to take in the architecture, both old and new. The plaza is not just important for tourism; it also houses some very important buildings including the consulate of Canada. Plaça de Catalunya is often used for concerts and political demonstrations, as well as fairs.

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