Ginza at Night

Scenery Shot From Cafe
Scenery Shot From Cafe at Night in Ginza
Photo by: OiMax, Creative Commons
Ginza Overview
Aerial View Over Ginza at Night
Photo by: br1dotcome, Creative Commons

Ginza is an amazing place in Chuo, Tokyo and it is popularly known to be an up market area of Tokyo consisting of many department stores, shopping malls, restaurants and coffee houses. Ginza is said to be one of the luxurious shopping destinations in the world with it stylish looks, modern atmosphere and technology. The most impressive thing to observe here is neon lights during the night time. During the night, the typical Neon lights signs showcase luxury brands. Ginza at night looks amazing and very attractive and is almost as bright as day.

Center Shot of Ginza
Great Perspective Shot of Ginza During the Night
Photo by: OiMax, Creative Commons

Ginza was established in the year 1612, the Edo period during which silver coin mint was named. Modern Ginza started from the year 1872 after the rebuilt of several buildings which got damaged due to devastating fire. The whole district was re-built using the Irish technology. The most famous and popular buildings to observe are Sony building , Mitsukoshi Departmental Store , Apple Store , Kabuki-za Theatre, Tsukiji Honganji,  Tsukiji Fish Market, and Nakajin Capsule Apartment Building. Many international brands apart from Gucci, Sony, etc… can be found around Ninza. Jewelry shops are found in plenty along with the designer boutiques and top flight department stores around Ninza area. The shops are kept open until 8 pm, which gives a chance to visitors to enjoy the shopping and the sight seeing.

The best and the easiest way to reach Ginza is to catch a Ginza sub-way line (Tokyo metro Marunouchi line), which starts from the center of Tokyo. The journey is approximately two minutes and the minimum fare is 160 Yen. Experiencing Ninza is really fun for those who like a little bit of culture and are able to afford the luxury. Everything here is expensive, if you are planning to do some shopping and experience some food, make sure you have enough money to get yourself home.

Ginza Center Streets View
Street Views of Ginza From the Center
Photo by: heiwa4126, Creative Commons

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