Hamarikyu Gardens

Hamarikyu Gardens as viewed from Shio-dome
Photo by: Chris 73, Creative Commons

Hamarikyu Gardens is a park in Tokyo, Japan that is open to the public. The park can be found alongside Tokyo bay at the mouth of Sumida River in Chuo-ku. Hamarikyu gardens was opened on April 1st, 1946.

This park features seawater ponds whose level changes with the tides. It also has a tea house in Nakashima in the middle of the pond where you can enjoy refreshments such as Japanese sweets and Matcha in Japanese style at a reasonable fee.

It has a pleasant atmosphere of tranquility which allows you to relax and just enjoy the wonderful scenery. At its entrance is the largest pine tree in Tokyo called Sanbyakunen no Matsu or 300 years old pine tree. This tree is believed to have been planted in the 17th century by the sixth Shogun Lenobu. This garden is traditionally styled contrasting the skyscrapers in the adjacent Shiodome district.

The Hamarikyu garden is attractive in any season. It has ginkgo, maple and other trees which display their lovely autumn colors in late November through early December, Plum blossoms in late February and from late March to early April comes the season of the cherry blossom. There are also other species of flowers that bloom in spring such as a field of peony and canola blossoms.

For visitors who do not understand Japanese, there is an English audio available for free that includes different self-guided walking courses around the garden. The walking courses can last between 1 to 1-1/2 hours. They use video and pictures to explain the different historical spots, trees and flowers that you will see along the way.

To access this beautiful park you can use either of the northern gates or take a 35 minute ride in the water bus from Asakusa. The fee for the water bus ticket include the admission fee to the park.

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