Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market 400
Tsukiji Fish Market
Photo by: laszlo-photo, Creative Commons

Japan is famous for its cuisine. Their foods have a distinct taste in addition to being healthy for those who consume them. Did you know that Japanese have the longest life span in the whole world? It is because of the food they eat. For instance, they are known for eating raw dishes such as sushi and sashimi. And you cannot make these delicious raw fish dishes if you do not have a fresh supply of fish.

In Japan’s case, they do not have any problem with fish supply because the country is an island country, surrounded by water on all sides. They have an abundance of quality fish. When in Japan, visit their fish markets, and when you do, you should go to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan.


• Even though the place is open for tourists to see the products and the auctions, the place is still a market, a business place where people earn money. You should be smart enough not to intervene or distract ingoing sales transactions.

• They have the famous tuna auction everyday, but you can only witness the thrill and anticipation of the participants between 5:00 am to 6:15 am. You have to wake up early if you do not want to miss the exciting auction. They have made this policy after several frictions between the tourist and the marketers. You should always behave yourself and know your place as a tourist and spectator of the event. And please do not use your flash camera.

• You will see different kinds of fish there—tuna, salmon, and other local Japanese fish. Now you know where they get their ingredients when they prepare delectable and mouth-watering sushi!

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  1. JON BENEDICT says:

    Conduct demands in a fish market? How absurd! Just another indicator of why NOT to visit that ridiculously anal retentive country! IT IS A FISH MARKET… if you do not want visitors/customers seeing your policies at work, lock them out!

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