Tokyo Sea Life Park

Large aquarium with diver at Tokyo Sea Life Park
Photo by: e_chaya, Creative Commons

Tokyo’s largest aquarium is located at Sea Life Park, otherwise known as Kasai Rinkai Park, along the shore of Tokyo Bay. The landscaping of Kasai Rinkai Park is lush and beautiful. The location is about a five minute walk from the JR Kasai Rinkai Koen Train Station.

The park has a gift shop and a restaurant for your convenience. The park aquarium is a great place to spend an interesting day.

Underneath a large glass dome, this aquarium is home to an interesting variety of sea life from around the world. Features such as the Bullhead Notothen from the Polar Regions and the awesome penguin pool will delight visitors both young and old.

Other features include huge tanks of sharks and tuna. As you enter the escalator, Tokyo Sea Life Park presents exhibits showing Aquatic life from diverse locations throughout the world. The realistic exhibits are set up like the actual aquatic habitats of the sea life that are displayed.

The huge donut shaped tank that houses the Tuna, Hammerhead, and Eagle Ray is the largest tank in Sea Life Park. It holds 2,200 tons of water. This allows the fish to swim freely. It is quite dramatic as you watch these awesome fish live out there daily lives.

Another display is home to sea life from the Indian Ocean. This tank houses not only a variety of colorful fish but it is also home to the Leafy Sea Dragon.

Different Oceans

There are awesome habitats that feature fish from the Pacific Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean, The Caribbean Sea and the Seas of Tokyo. While you are there you will want to visit the water bird exhibition that is every bit as interesting and entertaining as the fish tanks.

The Kelp Forest exhibit is a real crowd pleaser with the live science show that takes place a few times each day. The giant kelp is brought from California.

When visiting the aquarium, arriving by train is preferable to driving especially on the holidays and weekends since there is very limited parking available and it is off site.

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