Ueno Park

Ueno Park Temple
Photo by: luisvilla, Creative Commons

Ueno Park is a large public city park that opened in 1873. The park is located in the Taito district of Tokyo in a section called Ueno. The park is home to many tourist attractions in the area that include monuments, temples, museums, galleries and a zoo.

Some of the temples in this park include: the Bentendo hall temple, Kaneiji temple, pagoda Kan’eiji temple and Kiyomizu Kannon-do temple. It also has a shrine known as the Toshogu shrine which has amazing historical architecture on display. The shrine is open daily throughout the year.

The museums and art galleries that you can expect to see in this park include: Heisei-kan, Hyokei-kan, national museum of nature and science, the national museum of western art and the gallery of Horyuji treasures. The famous statue of Saigo Takamori walking his dog also stands in this park.


The other things that you will find in this park are: theatres, concert halls, lakes (large ponds) and bays. Adjacent to the park is Shinobazu pond which is full of water lilies and waterfowl. The park is also a popular spot for hanami parties which are usually held outside. This city park is very beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom.


When it comes to food, there are lots of places to eat all around Ueno stations and near the shrine on Shinobazu Lake. One of the popular delicacies during the cherry blossom season is dango which is basically grilled rice dumplings which is slathered with a sweet and salty soy sauce or chunky red bean paste.

There are also western restaurants that serve French cuisine in the park grounds. Ueno is centrally located to not just Tokyo, but to the whole of Northern Japan. This park is rich in Japanese culture and history. If you want to get a feel for ancient Tokyo on your vacation, Ueno Park is an excellent place to begin.

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