The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in Western Asia, more popularly referred to as the Middle East. Through the years, Iran has earned international importance because of the political situation in the country. At present, travel to Iran remains at high risk, while travel to specific frontier areas are highly dangerous. If you are going to Iran, avoid the borders with Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you need to cross borders, it is not advisable to take overland transportation means.

Iran’s tourism industry failed to take because of its unpalatable international image. This is a shame, considering the fact that Iran, formerly known as Persia, is a seat of civilization. Its rich culture and history is a potential tourist attraction.

Places of interest in Iran include Tehran, the capital, which showcases how Iran has leaped from its ancient history, through its line of art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and the merry mix of residents. There is also Kashan, whose bazaar scene is a favorite tourist haunt for bargains. Tourists also flock to the restored mansions that date back to the Qajar era. Esfahan, on the other hand, is the capital of Shah Abba and the center of Iran’s magnificence, what with its majestic mosques and breathtaking bridges. Yazd is also a must-see, particularly its ancient wind towers and network of hotels and restaurants. Finally, Shiraz is the core of Persian culture, where stunning architecture and hospitable people complement each other to create an exciting experience for tourists.

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