Experience Polynesian living at its finest in the enchanting islands of Samoa.

Taking a trip around Samoa is a great way to experience its liveliest existing culture, the fa’a Samoa (the Samoan way), that began 2,000 years ago. The experience is like traveling through a time machine back to the times when the Polynesian culture in the islands was still flourishing.

Samoa is the home of the most sought-after islandscapes in the South Pacific region. In virtually every corner of Samoa are shores that make ideal places for visitors who love to swim. Are you a diving or snorkeling enthusiast? You will have a great time exploring the pristine lagoons in the Samoan islands. The two largest cities in Samoa, Apia and Upolu, offer so many attractions that tourists find it hard to pick from the array of choices. To help you plan your trip to Samoa, here are the most recommended places to visit:
• Papapapaitai Falls (Apia) – This 500-foot waterfall flows down into a volcanic crater, making it a unique sight.
• Robert Louis Stevenson Museum (Apia) – Notable poet Robert Louis Stevenson lived and was buried here, and it has become one of the most-visited places in Samoa ever since.
• Kava Kavings Handicraft (Apia) – This souvenir shop is well known for selling native Samoan handicrafts, as well as products made from other countries in the South Pacific.
• Mount Vaea (Upolu) – Hiking, mountain climbing, trekking—these are a few things that adventure-seekers can enjoy on this mountain. A picturesque view of the cityscape from the peak of the mountain awaits visitors.
• Piula Cave Pool (Upolu) – This cave pool offers a pampering experience for tourists with its invigorating pool of water, situated on a rocky beach away from the sea.

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