Peru is located on the western coast of South America. The country itself is well known for its colonial architecture and natural resources which makes it a prime location for sightseeing and tourism.

Spanish is the main language in the country; however, in main cities, English is spoken. Out of the 104 known life zones on earth, Peru is home to 84 of them, making it vastly diverse in wildlife.

Peru has many health concerns and vaccination is extremely recommended. Yellow fever, Hepatitis A, Typhoid fever, Hepatitis B, Measles, and Tetanos are very large in Peru and necessary preparations should be made. Malaria, AIDS and rabies is also common.

Do not drink the tap water, always buy bottled water, or boil the water before drinking. The food also should be preceded with caution. Though delicious, proper hygiene is not very common in the country. Common destinations for sightseeing are Chan Chan, the Huascaran National Park, Lake Titicaca, and Manu National Park.

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