One of the world’s oldest countries, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, as it is officially known, is situated in the Horn of Africa. It is also second in terms of population and tenth in land area among all the countries in Africa.
Ethiopia revels in its medieval past. This is most apparent in the town of Lalibela, where stone structures are venues for Christian rites that have remained unaltered for over 1,000 years. The highlands of Ethiopia are veritable museums that showcase the countries sovereign past, evidenced by magnificent castles and Russian tanks that have see many battles.

The other facet of Ethiopia that makes it attractive to tourists is its lush landscapes. The Simien Mountains National Park offers a breathtaking background for the country scenery. The Bale Mountains National Park, on the other hand, offers tourists trekking tours and interactive experiences with unique animals and birds. Up north, on the other hand, there is the Danakil Depression, the home extreme adventure.

Ethiopia, though, is not the most peaceful place to be for tourists. Its war-torn past has made it a dangerous tourist destination, especially for travelers who want a hassle-free vacation. If you are thinking of traveling to Ethiopia, it is recommended that you check current travel advisories first. Traditionally, the borders are sites of civil and political unrest. The Eritrean border is presently closed, and the borders of Somalia, Kenya and Sudan are likewise high-risk to dangerous.

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