Sudan is the biggest country in Africa, but it receives the least number of international visitors among African countries. There are travel restrictions due to the ongoing conflict in several parts of Sudan.

However, that doesn’t mean tourists should never consider Sudan as their next travel destination. In fact, the country has been going through a facelift to become a tourist destination. The northeast region and some parts of the southern region in Sudan are suitable and safe for foreign visitors. Sudan may pale in comparison to other African countries when it comes to tourism, but paying it a visit can be a rewarding and even life-changing experience for you.

Are you planning to visit Sudan this year? It helps to know the best places to visit so that you won’t get lost once you get there. Here are a few suggestions that you may consider:

• Khartoum – Sudan’s capital has a wealth of tourist attractions that include the National Museum and the Omdurman camel market. The leading archaeological sites in this city are Meroe, Naga, Nuri, Bajrawiya, among many others.
• Red Sea – The coastline of the Red Sea is one of Sudan’s major attractions. The crystal-clear water and the natural charm of the coral reefs and marine gardens are the top reasons for visiting this Sudan wonder.
• Dinder National Park – One of the largest wildlife parks in the world, Dinder National Park houses a wide variety of wild animal species.
• Jebel Marra – This is a place of exceptional beauty because of its volcanic lakes, lovely resorts, waterfalls, and moderate climate.

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