North Korea

These days, the most heavily controlled country to visit is North Korea. Travel there from foreign countries is only possible as part of a tour. The most important thing to bring with you on a trip to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is the ability to accept any and all limitations given to you by the government. Everything a traveler does should be thought out properly and precautions are highly encouraged. The upside to visiting North Korea is having an experience unlike any other.

The population of North Korea is almost all native Koreans. There are some foreigners, but North Korea is generally a homogeneous nation. The climate is temperate and rain falls year round. The landscape is mainly elevated land, mountains.

The country itself is heavily constructed around its government and leaders. Its previous leader Kim-Il Sung and his son/successor Kim Jong-Il are the most revered men in North Korea. So much as speaking ill of either would land one a jail sentence, or for a visitor, a permanent ban from the country.

Photography is banned in North Korea, so if you’re thinking of making a trip, don’t bring your camera. Cell phone usage is also extremely limited and monitored so be prepared to have your every move noted. As of 2010, North Korea is a noted “danger zone” and western visitation is not recommended.

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