Dragon’s Back Hike

Photo by: Isaac Wong, CC

The Dragon’s Back Hike is a hiking trail that is a section of the fifty kilometer Hong Kong Trail. In 2004, it was chosen as the very best urban area hiking trail in Asia by Time Magazine. This trail is very popular with many local people and visitors from around the world.


The cost is approximately $500 Hong Kong dollars and this includes round-trip transportation to the hiking trail. This hiking tour takes about four hours to complete and hikers need to be in good condition because of its length. The total distance traveled is a little over 3 miles and the trail has a moderate grade.

Features of the Hike

The ridge is located on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island, near Hong Kong. It is between the Shek O Peak and Wan Cham Shan hills. It is situated inside the Shek O Country Park and stretches vertically over the D’Aguilar Peninsula. The hiking path looks like a dragon’s backbone because it undulates between the hill tops.

The hiking journey begins on the iconic Hong Kong tram. Hikers can watch local commuters on the way to work, as the tram goes along the old waterfront area. The trip continues using the Mass Transit Railway. Views of the market area can be seen from the railway which shows how ordinary citizens go about their everyday routines.

The actual hike starts on a beautiful cool path which takes hikers through shady bamboo groves and rich woodland. Then the trail emerges into wide open hillsides that are usually covered with rose myrtle or wild azaleas. The hike follows the rugged spinal ridge, where the soil is considered a living being that has force lines called dragon veins.

Next, there are wonderful views of the sea, Big Wave Bay, Nine Pins Islands, and Tai Tam Harbor. Stanley and Red Hill peninsulas can also be seen. The hike ends by walking through shaded tunnel areas of unusual vegetation. At the bottom of the Dragon’s Back Hike there is Shek O which is a popular village that has alfresco restaurants and sandy beaches.

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