Hong Kong Park

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Hong Kong Park is located in the central area of Hong Kong. It was created to be not only a place of fun and leisure, but also to provide educational opportunities for the local population and visitors. This park is a wonderful example of contemporary design and has facilities that blend in with the natural landscape.


In 1841, part of the area was called Cantonment Hill. Victoria Barracks was located here as well. In 1979 the barracks were given to the government. There was a school in the area, but once it was vacated the land became Hong Kong Park. It officially opened in May of 1991. The park cost $398 million Hong Kong dollars to build and it is nearly 20 acres in size.

Features of Hong Kong Park

This park has many ponds, streams and waterfalls which are very important to the park’s overall natural beauty. There are many other attractions to see in the park. It has the largest aviary in Hong Kong. It is walk-through in design and has birds flying freely about the complex. There is a walkway that is elevated so visitors can get a closer look at the tree canopies.

There also is a 150,695 square foot conservatory which is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. It is separated into three sections which are the Dry Plant House, Display Plant House and the Humid Plant House. These have different simulated climatic conditions so visitors are able to experience different climates such as an arid desert, and a humid tropical rain forest.

The Sports Center accommodates a variety of athletic events and there also is a Squash Center. These facilities hold many international and national tournaments. The large children’s playground features six levels of play for different ages and has soft flooring for safety and comfort. Olympic Square seats over eight hundred people and is similar to a Greek amphitheater. Many plays, concerts, sporting events and a various types of entertainment activities are held here.

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