Wong Tai Sin Temple


The Temple of Wong Tai Sin is among the most popular temples in the Hong Kong. This Taoist temple was dedicated to a great immortal Wong. It has gained massive popularity among people for being an ideal place to pray. This temple is also famous among tourists for it beautiful and colorful illustrations and motifs.


This temple was built in the early 20th century in Kowloon. The temple signifies the great influence of the Tao preacher Leung Renyan. He used to spread the message of Wong Tai Sin all the way from Guangxi China to Hong Kong. This temple was a private shrine for a few Taoist families until the government opened it to the public in the year 1934.


The architecture of this temple is that of traditional Chinese style. This temple has grand red pillars and a magnificent golden roof complete with friezes and yellow latticework. The temple has an intricately carved 9 dragon wall which can be compared to a small replica of the one found in Beijing. Although it is a Taoist temple, you will also find a portrait of Buddhist and Confucius. Taoist and Confucian literature can also be seen.


Wong Tai Sin Temple has great historical and traditional significance. Due to this fact, it was categorized as Grade 11 historical building. This temples sprawls across an area of 193,750 square feet. The temple also boasts of its rich Chinese culture from the main entrance and throughout the building.

Upon visiting you will find a garden by the temple that houses a huge courtyard that has many fountains. Visitors will be amazed to see the 9 dragon wall attraction as well as a huge painting of the legend Wong Tai San. The painting is located at the central altar of shrine. Other attractions include the Three-saint Hall, Shansheng, Daxiong-baodian Grand Hall, Good Wish Garden and more. At the grounds, sightseers can see an array of the memorial archways, the Bronze Pavilion, fortuneteller stalls, Sik Sik Yuen Hall, Yue Heung Shrine and the Confucian Hall.

Temple of Prayers

The Grand Hall is the main focus of the many visitors to this temple. Many visitors also come to pray. Here they light incense sticks and then kneel down to pray before the main altar. A peculiar bamboo stick that contains a fortune stick is shaken until it falls out. The stick is then exchanged for a piece of paper with a certain number. The fortuneteller then interprets this number.

During the Chinese New year, the temple receives a large number of visitors. The temple opens at 7:00 AM every morning and closes at 5:30 PM, except during the Lunar New Year Celebrations.

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