Lamma Island

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Lamma Island is Hong Kong’s third largest island located at the southern part of the city. It is well known by a majority of people because of its proximity to the downtown area and, as a result, it has become the best resort for a weekend getaway. Lamma Island is rich in a wide range of beautiful natural attractions given that it has brilliant coastal scenery with clean beaches. In the recent past, it has attracted more and more visitors because of its rich tradition and culture. The following are some of fascinating places you should visit on this magnificent Island.

Yung Shue Wan Village

This is one of the most important places you should consider visiting because the majority of islanders live here. Yung Shue Wan boasts of its exquisite shops, delicious sea food and foreign snacks, exotic cafes, enchanting bars and fantastic hiking. Along the main street of Yung Shue Wan village, you will find craft shops selling creative accessories and souvenirs that represent local culture.

Mount Stenhouse

Mount Stenhouse is the highest mountain on Lamma Island. It is quite interesting to note that this mountain has rocks with unusual shapes covering it. This mountain is a great place to visit if you love hiking, but keep in mind that the terrain can make for a very difficult journey.

Hung Shing Yeh Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Hong Kong according to the city’s Environmental Protection Department. The waters are very clean for swimming and the beach is great for enjoy sunbathing. Hung Shing Yeh Beach has shallow natural breeding sites for some animals of the sea such as turtles.

Tin Hau Temple

The inhabitants of Lamma Island considered fishing to be the backbone of their daily lives. For this reason, many believe in Tin Hau, or the Goddess of the Sea. This led to construction of the Tin Hau Temple that dates back to around the 19th century. A throng of worshipers and fishermen bring fruits and incense sticks to celebrate the Tin Hau Festival every year. The most striking feature of the temple that can easily grab your attention is the pair of stone lions carved in western style. There is also an exhibit in the temple that hosts an ancient whale skeleton that was believed to enshrine the Goddess of the sea.

Getting There

Transportation to Lamma is very convenient and hence it makes the island more accessible. For instance, a regular ferry, that takes less than half an hour, is available several times daily. Unfortunately, cycling is the only means of transport in the island because there are no cars.

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