Hong Kong Science Museum


The Hong Kong Science Museum is a huge four story building that encompasses almost 150,700 square feet. Its innovative take on museum culture has made it one of China’s most popular tourist attractions. Unlike many other museums, the visitor has the opportunity to do hundreds of hands on activities that help aid in the learning of science.


Hong Kong’s Urban Council began designing the museum in the mid-1980’s. The actual construction of the site began in 1988 and the museum was completed in September, 1990. The grand opening of the science museum was in 1991, starting a new trend on how museums were to be ran.


The museum has over 500 exhibits for visitors to experience, with more than half being interactive. There is a very realistic vehicle simulator for children and a full scale airplane flight simulator video game. In addition, there is an Energy Machine standing over 70 feet tall and it is one of the most popular exhibits. There are also 18 galleries that cover all of the major scientific disciplines. These galleries have new exhibits throughout the year that focus on a particular topic. These temporary exhibits provide visitors with lessons and activities to help extend learning and engage the mind.

Visitor Information

The Hong Kong Science Museum is family friendly with many of the exhibits geared toward a young audience. Knowledgeable staff is available to give demonstrations on a daily basis. There are special hours for the museum and it is closed on most Thursdays and the Lunar New Year. There is also a fee to visit the museum, but special rates apply for groups of 20 or more and schools that register at least two weeks in advance. Most people who visit the museum take the MTR train for an easy commute. Plan ahead during peak travel seasons as the museum experiences heavy volume during these times.

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