Located in the northwest of Europe, Belgium is an underrated country to western society. However, to the European population, this country is easily accessed and is a popular tourist spot. Belgium receives many visitors from its neighboring countries as well as countries all over Europe. On the other hand, for tourists outside of Europe, Belgium is commonly overlooked.

Its immediate neighbors, France, Luxembourg and Germany are much more commonly visited by international travelers for vacation; however, don’t hesitate to visit Belgium on a European vacation. Belgium has plenty of museums to visit for a traveler with cultural and artistic intention. Music festivals and carnivals happen annually and the atmosphere is fun and welcoming.

The cuisine and dining is also a reason to visit. Heavy with French influence, the food in Belgium has very similar tastes with that of French cuisine. And contrary to popular belief, Belgians claim the French fry as their own invention. Be careful though, the choice sauce for French fries is mayonnaise, and large amounts of it. Beer also has a long standing tradition in Belgium, and the traditional brews are considered as some of the best in the world. Last but not least, Belgian chocolate, very widely known for its quality is generally accepted internationally as the best chocolate in the world.

Though Belgium may not be the main attraction on your European vacation, there are plenty of reasons to make a stop in this culture and art filled country.

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