Republic of Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia is a paradise especially for travelers who are seeking thrilling outdoor experiences. Located at the heart of the Balkans, this mountainous country has been blessed by nature with its scenic lakes, rivers, and valleys.

The tall mountains in Macedonia make it an ideal place for skiing, biking, mountain climbing, and hiking. The Mavrovo National Park in the western part of Macedonia is a mountain resort that features an alpine view for sightseers and a great activity venue for mountaineering enthusiasts throughout the year. Every summer, the neighboring village of Galichnik holds a festival of traditional weddings in which the participants are clad in costumes. You can witness the event, enjoy taking photos, and mingle with people there.

The major attraction in Macedonia is the lakeshore town of Ohrid in the southwestern region. A town with a cultural significance, Ohrid is a very fascinating sight, thanks to its pristine lakes and rugged mountains.

The Macedonian capital Skopje is a bustling city with Eastern European influences. Although much of its ancient architecture was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1960s, the remaining structures such as the Ottoman-inspired bazaar and a medieval fortress are still visited by tourists.

In addition to the lovely attractions in Macedonia, another thing that keeps tourists coming back to this Slavic country is the hospitality of the Macedonians. Most people in Macedonia have an active nightlife, and they are fond of partying and enjoying good food, drinks, and music. So if you love the nightlife and dancing on the dance floor, then you can go party with the natives of Macedonia.

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