sweden-mapsweden-flag-120It is the “Land of the midnight sun” to the romantic, and to the adventurous type, it is “the land of the Vikings.”

Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe. Stockholm is the largest city and the capital of Sweden. Sweden is bordered by Finland to the northeast and Norway in the west. Covering an area of 450,000 sq. km, Sweden has a population of 9 million people.

The language spoken in Sweden is, Swedish. The currency used is the Krona. US Citizens do not need a visa for up to 90 days when visiting Sweden. Stockholm-Arlanda International Airports is the busiest and largest in Scandinavia.

Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea, watersports abound in Sweden. Boat trips to the islands, cruises along the historic Göta Canal, waterskiing, golf, windsurfing, cycling, and fishing in Norbotten are some of the activities available to a visitor. Sweden boasts of 96,000 lakes, and beaches stretching hundreds of miles. Winter visitors come for the dog sledding, skiing, ice climbing, and tobogan rides.

To enjoy the history and the culture of Sweden, visit the many unique museums, Stockholm Old Town, the Oresund bridge, the southern province of Smaland where glassworks areas welcome visitors. Sweden is also known for the simplicity of their meals, smorgasbord, Kottbullar (meatballs), smoked reindeer, wild strawberries, and of course, various fish dishes are available throughout the country.
“For Sweden-With the times.”

Listed below are some of the top tourist attractions in Sweden for sightseeing. Find information about Swedish famous landmarks and top tourist spots to visit. Plan your trip in advanced and enjoy your stay in Sweden.

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