American Airlines Arena

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The American Airlines Arena is a famous sports and entertainment venue that has been constructed in Miami, Florida. It reflects the newer, modern arenas that have replaced many of the older aging ones that were first built in prior generations.

The arena is located at 601 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, FL. It is not all that difficult to reach as the property can be accessed by the Miami Metrorail or Metrobus service. Often, visitors will find it preferable to take public transportation. Car travel can be congested and parking is not always very easy to find.

The main attraction at this arena would be the NBA team, the Miami Heat. Of course, there are scores of concerts and other entertainment events that take place at the arena. Basketball, likely, is its biggest attraction and the one that helps keep the revenues coming in to keep the doors open.

The venue was home to women’s professional basketball and a number of successful professional wrestling events. In terms of music, major concerts such as the fundraiser for Darfur were held here. A lot of the most famous musicians and entertainers have performed in this arena as well.


This venue is a relatively new one. The development of the project began in 1998 and it was overseen by two architecture firms: Arquitectonica and 360 Architecture. It could be said the creation of this arena was a fast tracked project as it opened its doors to the public in December of 1999. That is an impressive feat when you consider the scope of the arena.

The project was a very costly one and the budget was in the range of $213 million. The arena is operated by Basketball Properties Ltd., but the actual owner is a municipal entity. Specifically, it is Miami-Dade County that owns the venue. Management and operations are going well as the venue has been a large success. Not only do local residents attend major events here, but so do tourists from other parts of the nation and around the globe.


The American Airlines Arena is not one that is small in size. The seating capacity of the venue is in the range of 19,600 for basketball and slightly more for concerts. The seating can also be scaled down to as little as 5,000. There are also additional seating options available for those looking for luxury and super box selections. 2,105 club seats along with 80 luxury suites and 76 private boxes are available for purchase.

There is also a smaller theater housed within the arena. Named the Waterfront Theater, this smaller venue can house an audience of about 5,800 maximum. Smaller events are held here.

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