Gator Park

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Located in the heart of Everglades, Gator Park is a distinctive way to experience the natural wonders as well as abundant wildlife of South Florida. The park is home to over 200,000 alligators, over 28 species of snakes, including the Brooks King snake, Blackpine, and Florida King Snake and a number of turtles. Gator Park is not entirely a home for reptiles since there many wild birds. Many of these birds are on the list of endangered species. They include snowy egrets, white ibis, blue herons and roseate spoonbills, just to name a few.

This park is home to a variety of plants and fish. There is something to please the inner biologist in everyone. The park also features a wide variety of wildlife shows. The last show begins half an hour prior to park closing.

Airboat Tours

The Gator Park Airboat Tour starts slowly down a canal with lots of opportunities to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Usually, Airboat tours through the park take 45 minutes. Propelled by automobile or airplane engines, these clumsy-looking craft go along the path of enormous alligators. Gator Park has skilled and professional guides who will assist you spot alligators, soft-shelled turtles as well as numerous birds. Just keep your camera set and hold it firm.

One of the alligators you are likely to see is Jumbo. An imposing six feet in length, this alligator likes playing host and greets the park guests. Tens of thousands of fish also flourish in these waters including redfish, catfish and snapper. As the guide describes the ecology of this area, your airboat moves at an incredible speed past places where the land vanishes, save for a few small islands. These islands are cohabited by animals like raccoons, whitetail deer, wild boar and the rare Florida panther.

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