Miami Design District

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There are certain activities that tourists can do while in the Miami Design District. Shopping is definitely one of them. For those who love shopping and its related cultural components, the Miami Design District remains one of the destinations visitors to Miami should certainly check out. More than just a district in which to buy things, the location is home to a great deal of unique culture and history that makes investing quite a bit of time here worthwhile and a lot of fun.

Location and Origins

The Miami Design District is located in a well known section of the city. The main streets in the vicinity are North 36th St, North 43rd St, West First Ave, and Biscayne Boulevard. This would place it in the vicinity of the Buena Vista region and not too far from the Little Cuba section of Miami.

The look of the district is quite interesting. There are quite a number of warehouses and galleries. Of course, these venues have all be tweaked and modified so they are now uniquely designed retail spaces. The changes to the buildings and area make the district easier to navigate and more welcoming.

The development of the Miami Design District is a relatively new one. In the 1980’s and the early portion of the 1990’s, the district was known for its urban blight. Very little commercial real estate was being developed in the area due to concerns over whether or not a business endeavor would be successful. In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, a great deal of work was put into redesigning the area. Art galleries and design stores we opened here. The man who played a huge role in the process was Craig Robins. Robins bought a lot of decayed real estate here and worked very hard to get major name retailers and shops to open in the region.

Many famous and legendary names have launched stores here. Louis Vuitton would be one example. Christian Louboutin would be another. The growth of the economy in the area has now led to it becoming a huge tourist destination and a roaring success.

What You Will Find

There are quite a number of other top notch businesses and nonprofits that operate out of the Design District. Among the major companies in the locale include Orianne Collins, a jewelry shop known for offering rare and exquisite music boxes. The LAB (Locust Art Builders) at Locust Projects is a joint endeavor between local artists and young students designed to create new exhibits in the District. Fine dining can be enjoyed at the Bsweet Coffee Shop and at the Buena Vista Bistro. Stores that cater to fashion include Cartier, Baby Cottons, I on The District, and more. Art galleries include Karen Dunn Photography and Lotus Fine Arts. Quite a number of events are held here in venues such as the Moore Building and the Rooftop Gardens.

Miami Famous Landmarks

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