Miami Science Museum

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Miami Science Museum is a fascinating stop for vacationers. The museum was founded in the year 1949. It hosts first-class exhibitions that entertain and educate people in subjects ranging from sciences, environment and cultural heritage. Miami Science Museum holds the largest natural history collection in South Florida comprising of more than sixty thousand artifacts and specimens covering geology, zoology, paleontology and anthropology.

Basic facts

The Miami Science Museum is nestled on South Miami Avenue. You will take the I-95 to exit 1A. Then stay on the right lane and just follow the signs that lead to the museum. Visitors hailing from the south can take the US1 north, and then turn right before the I-95. The way to the Miami Science Museum is not confusing at all. The number of things to see and do in this of this part of South Florida is only limited by your imagination.


Miami Science Museum features interactive shows like the Wildlife Encounter, where lizards and snakes are part of a hands-on program in the Wildlife Center of the museum. Another breathtaking attraction is the sequence of aquarium exhibits known as the Living Core. Tourists will enjoy an aquatic voyage, exploring amazing habitats as varied as a live coral reef, sea grass lagoons, and mangrove swamps.

The Theater

The Miami Museum of Science’s theater is fascinatingly amazing. Tourists will see a 10 minute story exploring microscopic foods that are found in the soil. Miami Science Museum features a number of scheduled exhibits, lectures, activities, workshops and events all year round. In the Wildlife Center, you will see the Falcon Batchelor Bird of Prey Center. This center is committed to rehab and release of wounded birds of prey.

Rest assured, this museum is unlike any other. It is indeed an amazing place to visit, particularly on weekends, during vacation time and on school trips.

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