Santa’s Enchanted Forest


Santa’s Enchanted Forest, the world’s biggest Christmas theme park, is sheer delight for kids of all ages. Open from November through January, this park features a spectacular assortment of enthralling activities centered on a Christmas theme. Millions of people from different parts of the world visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest every year to see 3 million lights, take a romantic walk down the Mistletoe Lane or see Santa enter a death-defying motorbike cage. This is undoubtedly a seasonal favorite that your kids should not miss.

Rides and Shows

The main attractions at this park are the rides. The “Crazy Mouse” and “Avalanche” roller coasters top the thrill rides category. For smaller children, the “Christmas Train” will get kids into a holiday mood. If you’re looking for the rides that the entire family will enjoy, then try the “Fun Factory.” There are also a number of shows for everyone to enjoy. These shows are as amusing as the rides. Most of them have a circus theme. For instance, there is a white tiger show and an aerial show.

Other Activities

There are also other ways to have some fun in the park. Pony rides, petting zoo, and visits with Santa are available as well. There are some attractions in the park that require more courage to ride. They include an extreme ejector seat as well as giant slingshot. Also, there are lots of games here. Although they cost extra to play, you can win lots of great prizes. You will find all of your favorite midway games in the park. They include a basketball throw, balloon darts and a duck pond, just to name a few.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is a magical holiday theme park. In fact, it is the closest you will ever come to taking your children to visit the North Pole. Thrill-seeking Christmas enthusiasts will feel at home thanks to the park’s roller coasters, theme and activities.

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