The Republic of Bulgaria is a Balkan country situated in the southeastern portion of Europe. It is the third largest country in the region, and has a defined geography peppered with peaks and mountain ranges, including Musala, the highest peak in the Balkan region. On the other end of the extreme, Bulgaria is also home to the Danubian plain. These regions thrive with lush vegetation.

Bulgaria has had a rich history, top-billed by the Ottoman Empire and four decades spent behind the Iron Curtain. These lessons in history have turned Bulgaria into the thriving country that it is now. It is no longer the mysterious country of Cold War assassins that it was in the past. It is now a tourist-friendly enclave the offers serene and stunning beaches along its Black Sea Coast to anyone looking for beach sanctuaries in Europe.

Aside from the beaches, Botswana also offers rich ways to experience nature. There are many hiking trails that crisscross in the wilds, as well as routes for tourists on horseback, which take travelers along off the beaten tracks into the mountains and forests. The jungles around Rila and Pirin Mountains, for example, are thriving with bears and lynx, and inhabited with endemic birds, among other wildlife creatures that you don’t see anywhere else in Europe.
Bulgaria is also a place for backpackers and independent travelers. It’s quite easy to get around following your own itinerary. There is easy access to cheap public transportation that can take you city-hopping.

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