The 6th smallest country in the world, one of the countries still run by a monarch who lives on a hill in a castle, a fabulous place for wine and cheese and the largest producer of dentures on earth, these are some of the references given to the tiny country of Liechtenstein.

There are many reasons why tourists should give this small country a visit. Just the breathtaking beauty of this nation can be overwhelming for some. The size of Liechtenstein is just about that of Manhattan. Despite the size however, there are plenty of activities that tourists can do here during their visit and more to see. It is very proud of its green forests, quaint villages, craggy cliffs and its very friendly and hospitable people. Cycling and hiking along the trails are favorite activities for locals and tourists alike.

If you will visit the country for skiing purposes, it is best to visit between December to April. If you prefer to do your sight seeing and hiking here, you should go between May thru October. Take note that the alpine resorts in Liechtenstein close down towards the end of April, May and November. To make sure you manage to get the best visit in Liechtenstein, get the services of a travel planner that will get you to all the best places that they can offer.

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