Malawi comes with many aliases, all very impressive and inviting, i.e., “lake of the stars” (referring to its lake), “Africa for beginners” and “the warm heart of Africa”. If you think these references are simply for advertisement purposes, then you are far from the truth, because Malawi does not only live up to the hype but even goes beyond it. You have to see for yourself to realize the truth to this.

Malawi is rich with breathtaking and varied sceneries. You will enjoy your visit even more because of the hospitality that will be shown to you by its locals as well as the ease of travel. Many tourists enjoy the Liwonde National Park, the heights of Mount Mulanje, the hiking routes, the dramatic peaks, the grasslands and a whole lot more.

The best and biggest draw of Malawi however is its famous lake, the one referred to as the lake of stars. The lake is an excellent shard of crystal clear water that stretches about 100 kilometers long. This separates Malawi from the coast of Tanzania and Mozambique. This is really a great place to be if you want to have some breather from routine life.

Many travelers on a package tour may be spending only a couple of days in Malawi to proceed to other African nations. This may come as a shame since most visitors find the few days visit quite lacking. With a lot to offer to visiting tourists, a couple of days would simply be not enough.

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