The city of Petra seems to be the beginning and the end of a magical journey in Jordan for many visitors. In fact, the Nabataean city of Petra is so spectacular that it is not only famous in Jordan but also the entire Middle East. This sight is something you should not miss if visiting this country. It can easily rival the other famous places in the area like Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu for being the world’s most dramatic location. This “lost city” was certainly found by those who know how to appreciate beauty when they see it.

What many tourists do not know however is that there is more to see in Jordan than just Petra. Do you know that the brook where Jesus was baptized is located in Jordan? Found also in this country is the mountain where Moses stood and cast his eyes on the Promise Land. The fortress where John the Baptist was beheaded is also in Jordan. If you think you are going to imagine the Biblical past by seeing the ruins in it in Jordan, you are wrong. This is because what you will see are actual live people who are dressed in robes and are shepherding herds of sheep across the desert just like what was described in the Bible.

Many other ruined cities, desert citadels and Crusader castles will surely entice visitors to come back or recommend a visit of Jordan to other friends and relatives. Its capital, Amman, is such a modern city. You will not think you are in a country of many old ruins found in the Bible. The people in Jordan will welcome you with warmth and open arms. To those who may be thinking that the Middle East is full of countries at war, then you should know that Jordan is probably the most stable and safest country in the region.

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