If you are looking for adventure in a country that is rich in ancient history, then you might want to visit Syria in the Middle East. Its capital city, Damascus, is the oldest living city where some of the Biblical stories that we know today took place.

Aside from Damascus, Syria has other cities that have great historical value and cultural importance. Among these are Aleppo, which has breathtaking views; Dier-az-Zur, a desert town near the infamous Euphrates River where the ancient civilization began to flourish and Latakia, a port city where Saladin’s Castle can be found.
One of the largest countries in the Middle East, Syria has a population of almost 22 million people of different ethnicities. It is home to several ancient Roman cities, including the magnificent ruins of Palmyra in the middle of a desert, which is the main attraction in the country and definitely a must see.

Other famous tourist destinations in Syria are the Dead Cities. These are a number of abandoned cities that used to form a part of Antioch. One of the Dead Cities is called Al Bara where pyramidal tombs are located along with what used to be grand archways that stand on a modern farmland.

As in most countries in the Middle East, Arabic is the main language used in Syria. As part of their culture, wearing of proper and decent attire must be observed at all times, especially for the women. Although they are not as strict as other known Muslim countries, Syrians are still conservative and tourists must abide by their customs.

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