For an exotic vacation, Morocco could be your destination of choice. Located on the continent of Africa, across the Straight of Gibraltar from Spain, Morocco is a country that has a long interesting history and culture that some people might find fascinating and want to explore.

One of the features of Morocco that makes the country so fascinating is that it contains such a variety of multi-ethnic groups which helped shape the country into being what it is today. Many different groups of people have come to Morocco throughout history that includes Phoenicians, Jews, Arabs, Moors, Romans, and Vandals. Even though Morocco is in Africa, it is commonly referred to as an Arab country. By identity, much of the population is Arab, yet Morocco places much importance on the protection of its diversity and the preservation of its cultural heritage by allowing each group to posses its own uniqueness contributing to the overall culture.

To get to Morocco, there are three major international airports located in the cities of Tangier, Agadi, and Casablanca. Most of the long distance flights arrive in Casablanca. A very modern airport, it has some convenient options to transport you to other locations in and around Morocco. If you don’t like flying or just want something different, there are several car and passenger ferry services which offer routes between Gibraltar, Spain, Italy and France to Morocco.

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