The beauty of Tunisia is a fine mix of European and Middle Eastern culture with its rich history and scenic views. It is a country in Northern Africa south of Italy and Malta. It’s bordered by Libya to the Southeast and the country of Algeria to the west.

Having Tunis as its capital, the beautiful country of Tunisia has a Mediterranean coastline that makes it a popular tourist destination. The climate here varies with the region. It is temperate in the north with mild winters that are sometimes rainy. The summers are mostly dry.

Some of the most famous tourist spots in Tunisia are Carthage, which is known in world history as the metropolis razed by the Romans; Douz, a town located at Sahara’s edge where tourists can enjoy a camel ride and El Jan, one of the world’s most preserved Roman amphitheaters.

There are many ways to enjoy a vacation in Tunisia. You may spend sunny afternoons by the beautiful Mediterranean beaches and get a gorgeous tan or take a tour of the countries historical and cultural tourist destinations.

Although, its tourism is not at par with other well-developed and more popular destinations in Northern Africa, it is easy and convenient to get around Tunisia. There are trains and taxis to help you get around the cities and boats to take you to the other parts of the country. It is also important that you know some basic Arabic words as this is the main language used in Tunisia.

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