Aquarium of the Bay

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Photo by: vagueonthehow, Creative Commons

San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay is a wonderful place to experience. A day inside the aquarium is packed with science experiments, special events, forums and presentations plus one-of-a-kind personal encounters with all sorts of animals.

There are many animals that visitors young and old can enjoy. Some creatures that can be found here include the California King Snake, the Pacific Tree Frog, the Western Pond Turtle, and the Western Toad, the Banana Slug, African Pygmy Hedgehog and the blue-tongued skink. Other animals included in the tour are chinchillas, the pink-toed tarantula and the cherry-head red-foot tortoise. The aquarium is also a home to over 50 kinds of sharks, different kinds of fish, jellyfish and other sea creatures. Aside from these diverse animal species, tourists can also join different talks regarding environmental issues such as climate change, the Greenhouse Effect, and of course several conferences on how to conserve the Earth and its inhabitants.

This tourist destination situated along Beach St. and Embarcadero St. is further divided into three sections: Discover the Bay, Under the Bay and Touch the Bay. Tourists can check out daily schedules online so they can plan their visit ahead of time.

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