St. Patrick’s Church

Pews at St. Patricks Church
Photo by: MikeBehnken, Creative Commons

The city of San Francisco has many religious and civic centers that are very historic in nature. These centers are popular not only to people who love chapels and churches, but also to people who want to know the rich history of the city. One of the religious centers that tourists visit is San Francisco’s St. Patrick’s Church. This church holds both elegance and the history of the Roman Catholic Irish community in the city.

The church is over 150 years old and is located in the South of Market neighborhood. St. Patrick’s Church was built in 1851 to serve the Irish religious community in San Francisco. The décor and interior of the church are Irish-inspired and it has a Gothic feel inside. The main colors used are the official Irish colors of gold, green and white. There are stained glasses above the altar of the church with the image of St. Patrick to honor the Irish patron. There are also many images of St. Patrick all over the place. Aside from the main altar, there are also other altars with the images of Mary and Joseph that are surrounded by images of Irish saints like Grellan of Hymaine, Lawrence O’Toole, and Brendan of Kerry. There is a black Nazarene at the entrance that is dressed in red velvet robe and carries a big cross.

The Church has retained the Neo-Gothic theme, although there are now modern buildings and structures that surround the church. The church is very stunning, both inside and out. The architecture is elegant and the church is maintained very well.

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