Stow Lake

Bridge over Stow Lake
Photo by: permanently scatterbrained, Creative Commons

If you want a simple yet memorable vacation with your family, then try visiting San Francisco’s Stow Lake located at Stow Lake Drive East. This rather minute recreation area at the heart of the Golden Gate Park is perfect for those who want to have a peaceful time with friends, relatives or family members.

While here you can tour the lake by renting paddle or row boats. You can take pictures of seagulls, turtles and geese while boating. Feeding the ducks is also one of the notable activities done by most of the visitors. You can also tour the whole park by renting bikes. There are several types of bikes that you can choose from, including: mountain bikes, kiddie bikes, tandem bikes, and cruise bikes. If you are the adventurous type, then you can hike the side of the waterfalls together with your friends. Make sure that you bring your digital camera because you can capture a scenic view of the city on top of the falls. Health buffs can also jog or run along the trails of the park.

The Lake is certainly proof that vacations and tourist destinations do not have to be extravagant or high-profile for travelers to enjoy or have fun. What matters most is how you and your loved ones share the experience all together.

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