Walt Disney Family Museum

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Generations of children know of Walt Disney. Families often gather around television sets to witness Disney magic in to their living rooms and become mesmerized by his stories full of magic, enchantment, adventure and fantasy. If you want to hear the story of his legendary life in his own words, visit the Walt Disney Family museum. The Museum walks you through the career and life of Walt Disney told by Walt and those closest to him, such as: his wife, his brother, his daughter and his colleagues. The museum reflects the life, career and accomplishments of Walt Disney, and the way he influenced the history of America. The museum was opened in 2009.


The Walt Disney Museum is located in the Presidio – a park and former military base at the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula – near the Golden Gate Bridge. The entrance of the museum is close to the Presidio public transit center. The museum features 40,000 square feet of the newest technology, historic materials and artifacts to bring Walt’s achievements to life.


The Walt Disney Family Museum shows the timeline of Walt Disney’s life and how his imagination came to life. It beautifully showcases the fascinating and inspiring story of Walt Disney, the beloved creator of Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and many more. It offers interactive sessions for children by adding games and other touches that are age appropriate.

The museum’s ten permanent galleries are arranged in chronological order. As you enter the museum, you will see an extensive selection of awards Walt Disney won for his artistic work and humanitarian service. The museum starts with a mixture of videos, letters and drawings, which display the beginning of Walt’s talent. The second floor of the museum signifies Walt’s life and career in Hollywood. This portion encompasses information about Walt’s most renowned achievements. The third gallery features the broadening horizons of his company in 1930’s. It highlights Disney’s growth in entertainment industry through Walt’s incredible achievements.

The museum also outlines the inventions that boosted film technology like the multiplane camera. Advertisements and videos from World War II display the way in which entertainment industry was affected by the war. The special exhibit, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs highlights the intensive process that Walt and his team had to follow to create this wonderful movie and its subsequent films.

The visit from one gallery to another is quite interactive. The use of framed high-definition screens, projections and animations make each gallery come to life to tell its story.

The Museum offers an excellent blend of escapism and education, a perfect place for anyone to learn and dream through the eyes of a child. The museum is filled with a healthy dose of history and art.

Hours of Operation

The Walt Disney Family museum is open from Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It is closed every Tuesday, and on January 1st, Thanksgiving Day and December 25th.

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