Mission Dolores

Mission Dolores
Photo by: Phillie Casablanca, Creative Commons

If you are fond of visiting different churches and religious temples, you will surely enjoy the lovely Mission Dolores, also known as the Mission of San Francisco de Asis. This church is one of the oldest buildings in the city that survived several calamities including 2 major earthquakes that struck the city. Mission Dolores is located in San Francisco Bay and can be reached by various forms of transportation.

It is one of San Francisco’s central sites when it comes to the religious, cultural and civic life. It was founded on June 29th, 1776 when the Spanish government sent many missionaries to the United States to try to convert the natives and pioneers of the state. Among the 21 California missions that the Spanish government sent during that time, Mission Dolores was the 6th religious settlement established.

The main attraction of the Mission Dolores is the 18th century chapel due to its history and antiquity. There is also a basilica beside the chapel that was established in 1918. The original chapel is made of adobe bricks and there were several renovations such as the addition and removal of wooden portion of the chapel. The interior of the chapel is a mix of Spanish culture and native styles and this makes the chapel very unique. The ceiling of the chapel has native patterns that were hand-painted and the chapel has a high, colorful altar in front.

Mission Dolores is the city’s only burial ground within the city limits. Most of the graves are that of California pioneers and Native Americans. Explore the chapel and feel the 18th century history of the Mission Dolores.

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