AT&T Park

AT&T Baseball Park
Photo by: sillygwailo, Creative Commons

Experience the fun-filled baseball games during the Major League Baseball season by visiting the San Francisco’s AT&T Baseball Stadium. You will be among the baseball enthusiasts that support the San Francisco Giants.

This is an open-air baseball stadium that opened in 2000 under the name Pacific Bell Park. It is located in Willie Mays Plaza in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, California. This stadium underwent many name changes in a span of 6 years since its establishment. This is due to the fact that the Pacific Bell company was acquired by the SBC in 2003, and was merged with AT&T in 2006. This stadium is also the only baseball park that was built without public funds after the establishment of Dodger Stadium in 1962. The AT&T stadium has witnessed many historic events related to baseball. Barry Bonds, a veteran outfielder of San Francisco Giants, achieved his 500th home run in 2001, 600th home run in 2002, 700th home run in 2004, and 756th home run in 2007.

Aside from the baseball field, there is also a Coca-Cola Fan Lot that has a famous 80-foot Coca-Cola bottle with playground slides that never fail to get the kids’ attention. There is a miniature AT&T Baseball Park behind the left field where the kids can play and enjoy the sport. Another remarkable attraction in this baseball park is the 9-foot statue of Willie Mays, arguably America’s greatest ballplayer, at the entrance of the park. There are also other statues dedicated to other Giants players like McCovey, Marichal, and Cepeda. The stadium k has 68 luxury suites, 5,200 club level seats, and 1,500 field level seats. The park had a seating capacity of 40,800 when it opened in 2000, and the seats eventually increased to over 41,000 in number.

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