Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing

One of many Rock Climbing levels
Photo by: mariachily, Creative Commons

If you are adventurous, the San Francisco’s Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing Center is the best place for you to visit. This rock climbing center has a lot to offer visitors and you can try the challenging slopes and ropes at the gym. The Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing Center is located on Harrison Street and there are many ways to reach the gym. There is also a spacious parking area.

The Climbing Center was originally the Touchstone gym built in 1995. This indoor rock climbing center will give you the adventure that you want. It has an artificial granite climbing wall with many footholds and handholds and over 80 top and lead ropes that you can use. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will surely find the right climbing level for you.

You can try the steep slopes in which the hardest part is more than vertical, or you can try the gentle slopes suitable for kids and beginners. The rock climbing center has an impressive and amazing headwall that is 50 feet in height and the climbing terrain covers 14,000 square feet. There is also a 20,000 square foot bouldering area. To make rock climbing more fun, there are different setups and themes like The Crack and The Cave.

If you do not want to climb, there are other services and classes offered in this gym. There are yoga classes, performance cycling and exciting fitness programs that you can participate in. Classes for kids include basic movement technique, belaying, spotting, route-reaching, bouldering and climbing games and exercises. You can also use the cardio machines in the gym as well as the sauna.

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