Though right now might not be the optimal time to plan a vacation to Afghanistan, this Asian country does have potential to be a nice place to visit. To the adventurous traveler, Afghanistan contains plenty of mountains and lakes to explore and venture. If you enjoy sightseeing, Band-e Amir is the place to go. Band-e Amir is a group of five turquoise lakes that is the first national park in the country. Located conveniently close to Band-e Amir is the city of Bamiyan, one of the main tourist attractions in Afghanistan.

Afghani is very well known for carpets and if haggled well, one could purchase a very beautiful one at a great price. In major cities, you can find nice lodging and delicious food. However, the hygiene may be lacking and therefore one is advised to stick with bottled water and hot, freshly cooked food. The money conversion makes a visit there fairly inexpensive. Fifty dollars a day plus travel and guide expenses would give one a comfortable relaxing day.

Currently, Afghanistan is considered a highly dangerous warzone and any unnecessary trips to the country are ill-advised. But once the area becomes safe again, Afghanistan will have plenty to offer an adventurer.

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