South Korea

South-Korea-Map-120South-Korea-Flag-120South Korea, “Land of the Morning Calm.” Seoul stands as the capital of the 2nd largest metropolitan city in the world. Located on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, Korea, as we affectionately call South Korea, covers a land area of 100,032 square kilometers. With a population of forty-eight million people, Korea finds itself bordered by China to the West, Japan to the east, and North Korea to the, well, North.

South Korea’s form of government is a democracy and considered as one of the most developed countries in the world. Receiving a boost from the export-driven economy, South Korea has been identified by the World Bank as a country with an advanced economy and most of the citizens having a high standard of living.

Incheon International Airport receives its annual share of visitors, nearly 30 million since 2007. From 2005 to the present, Incheon International Airport has been chosen as “Best Airport Worldwide.” As a US Citizen, as long as your passport is current, at least up to ninety days through the end of your visit, no visa is required when visiting Korea as a tourist.

Korea is rich in culture, history, technology, and food. Some people shared their top reasons why they enjoy visiting Korea, almost always consistently, they are: number one, the food; number two, shopping; and the third, the people. The temperate climate in this mountainous peninsula certainly helps a visitor enjoy all those 3 mentioned, and then some.

There is something for everyone who visits South Korea. Whether you’re one to enjoy experiencing different types of food, a nature lover, a history and cultural buff, a mountain hiker/climber, and yes, even “a techie”, Korea has something for you. Oh yeah, did I mention, SHOPPING?

For those bargain hunters, there is the Dongdaenum Night market; the historic Namdaemun Market, known for stocking a diverse selection of goods, and of course the Wholesale District. These are just to name a few of those shopping destinations.

If you love to hike and climb mountains, South Korea has seven of them you can choose from. They provide you with trail maps and guides. Depending on your level of experience and the time you want to spend, there are hiking trails just for you.

Then there are the Wonders of Nature, visit the Korean Wetlands in Uponeup and the Eco-Observatory located there. There is also Suncheonman Bay, a coastal wetland comprised of fields of reeds and endless wetlands.

Korea has been a hotbed for IT products, you can ask for a tour at IT showrooms like Samsung has. There are tours offered for IT aficionados, don’t miss the “go to” key. And then there’s the food. Bibimbap, Bulgogi, and Kimchi. There is more once you’re in Korea, the wide array of unique and delicious food will leave a lasting impression on your palate. One day will not be like the next, once you visit “the Land of the Morning Calm.”

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